Voice DB

Combined synergy of 5 teams: media, translation, global business, solution,
mobile. Adsound provides convenient 'One-Stop Service'

  • Custom Demo

  • Preference research

  • Recording by
    selected voice artist

  • DB segmentation,
    phonetic transcription,
    word unit recording

  • Auto labeling +
    hand operated
    phonemic labeling

  • DB review,
    Feed Back,
    Delivered after
    final review

Strategic response to enlargement of the recording business
with emerging agencies of the field.

  • 01 Professional voice artist & Celebrities
    • Large range of voice samples to meet different needs of the customers. (Various global contents)
    • Competitive quote for projects of large volume
  • 02 Precondition and Editing
    • Best recording environment prepared for quality outputs (mike, sound trap, reflection filters, curtain, etc.)
    • Project manager for the specific project, handling overall process, to create best quality output.
    • Thorough review of the output before delivery and quick respond to customer feedback, to ensure initial quality.
    • Following basic rule to avoid re-recording (pre-study of the script, checklist written beforehand)
  • 03 Employees educated and placed for each procedure.
    • Only the experienced employees of the field are placed to handle each project to guarantee the quality.
    • Employees, in charge of each steps monitor to check the possible errors.
    • Long-term contract signed with employees, and continuous education is provided
  • 04 Improvement of the project management system & Development of auto revision system
    • Minimize error occurrence by consistently providing relevant education. (Hand operated phonemic labeling).
    • Share details of process in each step to avoid unnecessary work.
    • Implementation of auto revision system to remove possible errors of hand operated work.
    • Outputs are delivered weekly to avoid serious problems.
  • 05 Detecting errors of each step and strengthen the security
    • When the number of error occurrence exceed the range of limitation, which has been set systematically, basic set up conditions will be checked and alternative method will be placed.
    • Managing risk of error occurrence in each step. Report is written and shared in order to avoid repeated errors.
    • Enhance information security and limit the access to overall data for unwanted data disclosure.

Independent programs optimized for audio DB and
expert teams of program managers

Voice recognition Diverse experiences and in-depth knowledge about DB generation for various settings and voice-talents of different groups (ages, genders, regions, locations, devices, etc.)
Text-to-speech (TTS) One-stop service for all stages prior to labeling (Independent tools and processes both currently available and under development)
  • 01 A full-service provider for audio database generation
    • 15 years of experience and expertise in audio DB resources (CAPA extensions of recording and post-production available according to the circumstances)
    • Large-sized audio projects and DB generation in collaboration with our extensive networks of 5,500 professionals (flexible professional network for various projects)
    • Internal inspection by our solution team, recording, application program, and flexible risk management (post-production know-hows)
    • Voice-talent management system and extensive networks of a voice-talent pool and professional project managers (capable of working on multi-projects)
  • 02 System development achievements (voice recognition and TTS)
    • TTS labeling tool / voice-talent management and scheduling program for voice recognition projects (currently on the market)
    • Development of voice recognition recording programs (Android, iPhone) (currently on the market)
    • Development of voice recognition data inspection and automatic naming program (clipping, interval, naming, etc.) (currently on the market)
  • 03 Projects and Commercialized Databases (voice recognition, TTS)
    • Smartphone voice recognition databases of 2,000 native Korean speakers of different ages and genders
    • TTS databases of 12,000 sentences by professional voice artists of different genders.
    • TTS databases of 160 hours by native Korean female voice artists
    • Voice databases of English vocalization of native Korean speakers (320 elementary, middle and high school students of different genders).
    • TTS databases of 20,000 sentences (100 hours) by Korean male voice artists.
    • TTS databases of Korean male voice artists (underway).
    • Voice recognition databases of 6,500 Koreans of different genders for smart-phone interpretation application.
    • And many more TTS and voice recognition projections performed.

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