Revolution is solution

By turning the creative ideas into reality and the impossible into possible,
we act as an innovative advisor for your solutions excellence.
Our technical expertise goes beyond innovation to make a difference to the world.

Our technical expertise and experience are ensuring that we will continue to provide an even faster and
more customer-centered solutions system in all settings.

Company-wide management system,O-daeri

ERP? Intranet? Groupware? The essence of O-daeri is simple.
Through O-daeri, you can process your work faster, in an easier way without technical difficulty.
In O-daeri you can proceed overall process from order to bank transaction, as well as managing employee administration.
Other than these, information can be shared to other employees through the system and also,
simple approval can be made.


  • Smart management solution development (underway)
  • Standardized ERP system planning/development
  • Staedlter ERP System planning/development/maintenance
  • Koguryo System’s Smart Work Project planning/development
  • Tibetan coloring plus development
  • Clubby service planning/development
  • Mobile web service development for fortune telling cafe
  • ON, iPhone application development for Korea Forest Service
  • Name-coloring Android application planning/development
  • Name-ring service maintenance
  • Music SNS service planning/development
  • Concierge service
  • Planning/development of iPhone application for national park information
  • Audio labeling tool development (programs for phonetic transcription and more)
  • Development of voice recognition data test and automatic naming programs
  • Development of voice-talents control & scheduling program for voice recognition
  • Smart prescription planning/development
  • Development and planning of iPhone T Membership Store application
  • Planning and development of Sejong belt mobile service
  • IMPAY phone bill service maintenance
  • Development of Rockgen application for iPhone
  • Planning/development of mobile Jeju web/VM service
  • AD BOX service planning/development
  • Name-filling service planning/development
  • Mobile coloring plus development for Gurye/Guangdong, China
  • Coloring Plus planning/development and more.

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