1. Purpose of Data Collected

(‘’) hereinafter ‘Adsound’ collects and uses personal information only for the stipulated purposes under the privacy policy.
- Verify intent to sign up, verify identification for customized service, identify and manage membership, manage payment and delivery regarding purchase or use or services.

2. Use and Expiration of Personal Information

① Adsound uses and retain personal information, which is collected with the agreement of data subject, within the specific period and range stated by the applicable law.

② The personal information that required by law are as follows:
- Act on the Consumer protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc.
- Record of agreement or withdrawal: 5years
- Record of payment of supply of goods, etc.: 5years
- Record of consumer complaint or dispute resolution: 3years

3. Third-Party Embed

① Adsound can provide personal information to third-party when it is agreed by the data subject, or required by applicable laws such as act 17 and 18 in the Personal Information Protection Act.

② Under the contract consigned, contents of the following subject are stipulated by Adsound, according to act 25 of the Personal Information Protection Act: prohibition of personal data other than stated usage; protective measure; restriction on re-consignment; management and supervision of consignee; compensation for damage.

③ In the case of modification regarding the contents of the consigned work, or changes of the consignee, relevant details will be shared according to the privacy policy.

5. Duty and Exercise of Right of Data Subject and Legal Representative

User may exercise following rights as a data subject.

① Data subject can exercise following rights to Adsound
1. Access to personal information
2. Request changes to errors of personal information
3. Request removal of information

6. Personal information collected

① Adsound collects the minimum amount of personal data required by the law.
– Required : email, phone number, name, company

7. As soon as the purpose of collection and use is achieved, personal information is destroyed without delay.

The purpose and method of data erasure is as follows.

- Data destroy procedure
The collected data is moved to separate DB after the use is achieved (printed data will be kept securely). Any personal information that is separately stored is retained for stated period after which it is destroyed without delay. Personal data will be used only for the stipulated purpose unless for other legal happenings.

- Destroy of Personal data
Any personal data will be destroyed within 5days when clearly notified that the information is no longer needed for the following reasons: the use of personal information is achieved; related service is closed; closure of the business is reported.

8. Enable the installation and access of auto collection system

Adsound do not use ‘cookies’ that store and access personal usage information.

9. Privacy Supervisor

① Adsound specifies privacy supervisor to handle personal information as well as claims regarding personal data management.

▶ Privacy Manager
Name : Kim, Yu Jin
Position: CEO

Contact : 070-8671-3635,
※ Direct contact to privacy team

▶ Privacy Management Team
Team : Global Media Dept
Supervisor : Lee Sung Hee
Contact : 070-8671-3211,

② If you have any inquiries, complaints, advice or feedback on matters relating to privacy as you access our services, please contact Privacy Management Team. Adsound will be there to listen to what you have to say and sincerely respond to you as soon as we can.

10. Changes to the Privacy Policy

① Contents of the privacy policy become effective from the date of announcement. Modified policy according to the law will be notified at least 7 days before such change becomes effective.

11. Technical measures to ensure secureness

Adsound has placed technical and managerial measures to ensure the secureness of the collected data.

1. Regular inner-inspection held
In order to securely manage the collected data, inspection is held once every quarter within the company.

2. Management and education
Only the essential number of employees deal with privacy management and relevant education

3. Establishment and implementation of relevant policy
To ensure that the collected data is kept safely, relevant policy has been set and implemented internally.

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